Thank you for signing up to the energy monitoring scheme being offered by the Diocese of Oxford and the national CofE Shrinking the Footprint campaign. Being part of the pilot scheme will give your church free access to the sMeasure tool, with access to support and advice, and help track and reduce the energy use of your church building(s).


Take the tour
For an introductory tour of sMeasure that gives a good overview of the software watch the short video at here.

Getting started
To get started with sMeasure and begin to use the tool you first need to go to and register as a new user. Setting up your account should not take more than 30 mins. We have produced a step by step guide below to help you.

Before you register it will help if you have to hand:

  • Floor area (m2) of each building to be energy monitored (optional, but required for getting energy benchmark results) – help page
  • Number of meters for each fuel type. If you have gas meters note the units, which will be cubic metres or cubic feet – help page
  • Price you pay per kWh for each fuel type used (optional as you can use the default values provided)

The ‘sMeasure Starter Guide for Churches’ talks you through the simple steps to registering – download the guide at Starter Guide for Churches.pdf – and work through the following steps to register:

  • Step 1: Go to – Click ‘Get Started’ and complete the sign‐up form using the code ‘oxfomeasure’ when prompted to get the free 1–year subscription
  • Step 2: Name Your Church – Using the ‘business’ section register your church
  • Step 3: Add your Church as a building – you can add more than one building.
  • Step 4: Add each energy meter for the building(s)­.

Join the community
Once you are registered you then need to join the ‘Church of England: Diocese of Oxford’ – simply login to sMeasure at and click on the ‘community tab’ (top right) and then click ‘join a community’ – you will then be able to find ‘Church of England: Diocese of Oxford’ and click apply for membership.

Being part of the community will enable us to work together to reduce carbon emissions and support each other in energy saving across the diocese.

Start reading your meters
You will then be ready to start reading your energy meters regularly (we suggest weekly, perhaps taking your meter readings at the end of the Sunday service?). For help on how to read your meters:

Help and FAQs
For technical help with the sMeasure website you will find answers to a list of Frequently Asked Questions at:

If you run into problems registering or using the sMeasure website email Alex at sMeasure using:

If you have questions about the scheme, whether your local school or other buildings can join the scheme or have general feedback please email Matt Freer, Environment Officer at the Diocese of Oxford, using: