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Yew protection

I was recently at Lambeth Palace for a day meeting with other green fanatics and agencies. These included Russell Ball from ‘The Ancient Yew Group‘. Apparently, Veteran Yews are 350-1000 years old, and Ancient Yews are 1000-5000 years old, which by any standards is staggeringly old. Yew trees have had a troubled life in the […]

Biodiversity and Shrinking the Footprint

A couple of weeks ago I attended Lambeth Palace for the annual ‘Shrinking the Footprint’ day (The Church of England’s Environmental Campaign). They have a new website which I would recommend visiting. This year we are particularly looking at the subject of biodiversity. Estimates vary, but it is thought that currently we are losing species […]

Is Climate Change Natural?

The debate about climate change is not whether the temperature of the earth is rising, it is about whether humans have caused this and whether humans can thus reverse it. In other words is it a natural phenomenon that we have to accept, or not? A few weeks ago ‘The Express’ published an article with […]