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Living Lightly

What gives you the most amount of pleasure in life? Maybe it’s playing with your kids, watching the hum of city streets, planting some seeds, creating something in your workshop, walking with God in the fields…

How wild is your churchyard?

Manage, don’t mow your churchyard and give space to endangered plant species. That is the message from Shrinking the Footprint, the CofE’s national environmental campaign, which has signed up to the United Nations’ International Year of Biodiversity (IYB). In many urban areas the churchyard is often the only ‘green lung’ for the community and the […]

Creation Stations

It’s easy to forget the beauty of the story of creation in Genesis because of arguments around whether it is myth or literal, how long it might have taken and evolution. That’s a shame because it’s a magical story! Creation Stations is a resource with eight parts that has been designed to let that story be told and experienced on its own terms and to help people regain a sense of lost wonder.

Grow Zones – reconnecting with the land

It is not yet widely recognised that there are spiritual issues at stake over climate change. Many people seem to consider it all as a technical or political problem. They look anxiously into the future for a piece of geo-engineering that will save us, or campaign furiously to get politicians to act. Yet the environmental issues that we face are so serious and so multi-faceted that they demand nothing less than an inner transformation.