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Ash Die-Back Disease

Following the discovery of Chalara fraxinea or “ash die-back” in mature woodland in Suffolk the government has banned all imports of live ash trees. The disease causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees, and can lead ultimately to tree death. It has the potential to kill millions of ash trees if it becomes […]

What is so special about homemade?

Chris Sunderland from EarthAbbey reflects on the recent harvest festival celebrations he has been involved in. Why did many people say it felt so good to celebrate in this way? Part of the attraction was that it was something we had done ourselves. It felt raw and approachable. There was no hype, or hard sell. There were no celebrities, no big egos. We were just human beings who had done something.

The ecocell journey

The ecocell programme, organised by Christian Ecology Link (CEL), is a toolkit to help people go on a journey or pilgrimage towards sustainable living in our personal lives. Find out more in this post by Tony Emerson of CEL.