General Synod to debate climate change and environment

A large group of organisations have joined together to welcome the debate on climate change and the environment taking place at General Synod on February 12th.

A Rocha UK, Christian Aid, Christian Concern for One World, Christian Ecology Link, Climate Stewards, CTBI Environmental Issues Network, the John Ray Initaitive, Operation Noah, Progressio, the Quakers, the Speak Network and Tearfund have joined together to encourage General Synod to address this debate with the utmost seriousness and support the proposed motion, and we commit themselves to supporting the Church of England and relevant bodies in their future endeavours.

The motion, proposed by Southwark Diocesan Synod, which will be debated on Wednesday 12th February is:

‘That this Synod:

(a) recognising the damage being done to the planet through the burning 
of fossil fuels;
(b) aware of the huge reserves held by gas, oil and coal extraction industries;
(c) committing itself to taking seriously our Christian responsibility to care for the planet (“the earth is the Lord’s”);
(d) acknowledging the financial responsibilities of the Church’s national Investing bodies; and
(e) noting that a review of recommended ethical investment policy with regard to climate change has been begun by the Church of England Ethical Investment Advisory Group (‘EIAG’):

(i) call upon the national investing bodies to ensure that their investment policy (including the option of disinvestment) is aligned with the theological, moral and social priorities of the Church which find expression in the reports “Sharing God’s Planet” and “Church and Earth 2009-2016” and in the “Shrinking the Footprint” campaign;
(ii) call upon the EIAG to publish the report of its review by the end of 2014; and
(iii) agree to the establishment of a General Synod Working Group on the Environment, to monitor this and other environmental issues.’

In the run-up to the debate congregations are being encouraged to get in touch with their Synod representatives to tell them about the joint statement and ask them to support the motion. (The list of members (Bishops, clergy and laity) can be found here and a helpful sample letter/email is given here.).

People are also taking to Twitter using #GSClimate and @CofEGenSyn to show the C of E the support they have for taking action.

You can follow the General Synod debate on twitter and through a live video stream.

Churchyard dry stone wall needed

Do you have a dry stone wall in your churchyard that needs rebuilding?

Conservation charity Caring for God’s Acre are looking for a wall to rebuild as part of a dry stone wall training course in the Diocese of Oxford. As the course will be for beginners the wall needs to be freestanding, below shoulder height, away from a road, on level ground and have enough stone to be rebuilt.

Caring for God’s Acre have repaired many walls via training courses. The course will be free to participants and only open to those managing burial grounds.

Please contact Andrea on 01588 673041 or if you have a wall or would like to attend the course.

Learn to Scythe your churchyard – 3 May 2014

Scything poster Oxford Scything poster OxfordOrganised by Caring for God’s Acre

Discover how to adjust, sharpen and use a scythe.

Saturday 3rd of May

10am-4pm at Chipping Norton Community Orchard

FREE to participants, only available to those managing burial grounds, limited numbers, booking essential

To book speak to Andrea at Caring for God’s Acre on 01588 673041 or

Austrian scythes available to use but if you have your own scythe feel free to bring it along.

Funded by The Heritage Lottery fund as part of Caring for God’s Acre’s National Project