2012: Celebrate Making a Difference

2012 is to be the diocesan Living Faith year of ‘Making a Difference’. We embark upon it knowing that ordinary Christians are busy transforming the lives of others, often in quiet and unsung ways. The aim in 2012 is to share together what we do, inspiring one another in new and different ways. We have begun by asking ordinary Christians across the Diocese to tell us how you are making a difference.

Here’s what some have already said:

‘I work in the international coal industry which puts more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than any other industry, so I take every opportunity to persuade everyone involved in the industry to reduce its carbon emissions.  This is part of caring for all of God’s creation and everyone on our planet.’

‘I am privileged to work as a Church Governor at my local primary school and have the opportunity of sharing my faith with young children.’

‘I visit the elderly some of whom have dementia. I hope my regular visiting helps them to retain the sense of their own unique value.’

As these sentences suggest Christians offer phenomenal gifts to the world, through activities that are local, national and international.

What do you do?
We are asking people to share a sentence, like the ones above, that sum up how you make a difference. Simply fill in the form below to send us yours.

2012 is an opportunity to celebrate what we are currently doing; inspire one another to embrace new things, and to remember that we are joining in God’s mission, so will find God there.

Here’s a few ways you can be part of the year:

  • Reflect and pray together, using the various written publications and resources that will be produced throughout the year, including a six session resource for personal and group reflection, ‘BE the Difference’ (due out March 2012), and ‘Passion for Real Life’, a resource for Holy Week.
  • Celebrate ‘Make A Difference Sunday’ during the ‘Month of Sundays’ that is October 2012. We will be producing resources later in the year to enable parishes to celebrate the activities of those in the congregation. Set aside an October Sunday NOW, and begin to think about who and what you would like to celebrate, and how you can thank God and inspire one another.
  • Attend the arts-based Making a Difference diocesan festival that will be held on Saturday 27th October 2012. Parishes will be invited to come along, bringing something with them that is symbolic of how they make a difference, so that we can gather these together and make a big celebratory work of art! Keynote speakers include Ann Morisy (author of many books on mission and social action), and Janice Price (Archbishop’s Council Adviser on World Mission).
  • Partner with your local school: the Diocesan Board of Education is focusing on Making a Difference too, especially in the academic year beginning in September 2012.
  • Revamp your church noticeboard to make sure you are communicating with the world about how you are making a difference in your local community and/or nationally/globally. We will be inviting photographs and running a competition for the best one!

Share what you do

Use the form below to share a sentence about how you are making a difference.

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