Let Live by John Madeley

Let Live: A bike ride, climate change and the CIA is the new novel about climate change by local author John Madeley. Through the eyes of an environment journalist on a bike it deals with the impact of climate change and the powerful interests that don’t want people to know who is causing it.

Cycling through West and East Africa, the guy on a bike meets people who have been forced from their homes because of the climate change that Western countries are largely causing. He writes critical articles about the West’s failure to curb carbon emissions, and is especially damning of United States policy. The US, he points out, is invading the sovereignty of other countries. The CIA don’t like it, and a plot is hatched to remove him.

Drama and pathos combine with wit and humour to make this a powerful novel for our time. Set in 2007, in the dying stages of the George W Bush presidency, the book is a strong challenge to Western government policies on climate change.

“Let Live” is published by Longstone Books. ISBN: 078-0-9568344-1-6;
240 pages, price £8.99.

“Entertaining, sharp, penetrating, an incisive account of the damage that climate change is doing to the poor. A searing indictment of the policies of Western country governments. Read it….and demand action” – Caroline Lucas MP

“A fascinating read, bringing out many poignant issues and experiences, amidst a gripping story line” – Jeff Alderson

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Website: www.johnmadeley.com

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