Whose World is it Anyway?

A Rocha UK, the Christian Environmental Charity, has recently produced a new resource for the RE GCSE faith and the environment module. The pack contains video clips, 10 lesson plans, power point presentations and a colourful pupil booklet with exercises.

You can see sample resources on their website at: www.arocha.org.uk/education, where you can also buy the pack online.

The GCSE Resource Pack includes a DVD & Booklet, plus classroom and homework activities, Powerpoint presentations, short films and printable resources – material for 10 lessons. It is suitable for RE at GCSE and Key Stage 3 & 4 and covers 6 theme:

  1. Wow! What is so amazing about the world? (to think about views and attitudes towards the natural world)
  2. Origins (to discover and evaluate Christian beliefs about how the world was created)
  3. God, People and Nature (to discover what the Bible teaches about caring for the environment, and to reflect on our responsibility for the natural world)
  4. Rubbish Dump World (to analyse the problems caused by environmental damage, and various Christian responses)
  5. What does A Rocha do and why? (to use A Rocha as a case-study of a Christian response to the environment, focusing on projects in Kenya, India and the UK)
  6. Reflections (to review Christian teachings and own behaviour with regard to the environment)

Find out more at www.arocha.org.uk/education

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