Energyshare – generating a renewable energy community

Energyshare is a new initiative to help people get together to save energy and generate their own energy. It has been launched with a £500,000 fund to help projects get started – and there is a further £3 million committed for future rounds of funding. Energyshare is looking to fund projects that aim to save or generate energy locally, and will benefit the local community.

Got an idea? Why not apply for funding for a new community based project that will save energy and/or generate energy? Visit for further information.

The big tree plant

The Big Tree Plant is a campaign to encourage people and communities to plant more trees in England’s towns, cities and neighbourhoods. It is a partnership bringing together national tree-planting organisations and local groups working with Defra and the Forestry Commission to plant trees throughout England.

Anybody can get involved by planting and caring for trees to help make neighbourhoods more attractive, healthy places to live.  So far 74,105 trees have been planted.

For more information including about grants available:
Thanks to Glyn Evans for the tip.