The ecocell journey

Guest post by Tony Emerson of Christian Ecology Link

The ecocell programme, organised by Christian Ecology Link (CEL), is a toolkit to help people go on a journey or pilgrimage towards sustainable living in our personal lives. It can be travelled by groups of friends, neighbours, or church members. There are three stages to the journey.

In Stage One you learn further about the main issues that give rise to ecological damage, discuss the influences on our collective and individual behaviours, measure our personal impacts (footprints) and take action to minimise those impacts. This stage can be completed within a few months, but each group sets its own pace. Stage one of the programme can be downloaded from our website.

Stage Two (to be launched in November 2010) will be for those who are willing to take on the very demanding commitment of completing the journey to sustainability. We will commit ourselves to getting our carbon footprints down to the actual level required for sustainability. We will also ensure that we respect the laws of nature (in which we see the hand of our Creator) and the needs of the natural world, in all aspects of our lives.

Stage Two is for people who have completed Stage One. It will involve significant further learning, very committed action at the personal level, and at the local political level. Like in Stage One, we are supported through prayer, poetry, stories and group activities, and by a range of resources organised by CEL. We anticipate that this stage will take a period of about five years, to make the necessary changes in our lives. There are now forty participants on this stage of the programme.

Stage Three will take the form of on-going support groups for those who have concluded Stage Two.  Participants continue to be supported through an on-line community.

You don’t have to commit to the whole journey initially, just to Stage One, and perhaps go on from there.

If you would like to embark on the journey – or to join us at the second stage of it – and for more information contact me at CEL.

CEL are building up a team of people who can offer support in technical or organisational areas, or with spiritual guidance. Contact CEL if you can offer help in developing the programme.

Tony Emerson is the ecocell Programme Co-ordinator for Christian Ecology Link. For further information visit:

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