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Guest post by David Hughes of Eco-congregation

Another 85 species became extinct today. Do you think God cares? I do. Genesis 24 says “God spoke: ‘Earth, generate life! Every sort and kind: cattle and reptiles and wild animals – all kinds.’ And there it was: wild animals of every kind, cattle of all kinds, every sort of bug. God saw that it was good.” (The Message) Pretty clear isn’t it?

So what should Christians be doing about it. Well, a good place to start is with the church itself. What does your church believe about creation. Do you pray for the environment? Do you preach about our mandate to care for it? Do you consider your impact on it as individuals and as a congregation? What messages are you sending to the community in which you live by the way the church land and building is managed, or by your involvement in local and global projects to look after the environment?

Some churches are beginning to understand that what is good for the heating bills is good for the environment. Others have gone beyond that and realised the impact of our carbon footprint on the world’s poor. The most thoughtful churches have come to the conclusion that care for creation is absolutely core to the church’s mission.

Eco-congregation is an Award scheme that recognises and encourages churches which are taking our God given mandate to care for creation seriously and are doing something about it. The website at is full of resources and examples of what churches are already doing as well as details of the award scheme. St Mary and St John’s in east Oxford was an early winner of the award and is described elsewhere on Earthing Faith. If you were inspired by their story why not join them and become an Ecocongregation. It doesn’t cost a penny but it may cost the earth if you don’t.

Guest post by David Hughes – Co-ordinator for Eco-congregation England and Wales (Eco-congregation website)

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