Earthing Faith is a network to resource and encourage churches and individuals in the Diocese of Oxford as we connect our faith with the earth. 

The network has been established help the sharing of ideas and experiences around the environment, and help us to be creative and collaborative in our engagement with the earth.

The network is resourced both online and through physical gatherings:

Online via this website and blog, you can share ideas, case studies and resources, as well as connect with others in the network using Twitter and Facebook.

Physical gatherings of the network take place three times a year and help people share experiences, reflect on environmental issues, explore spiritual practices and resources, and hear from guest speakers and environmental projects from across the diocese and beyond. Find the latest dates and more information here.

How is the network run?

Earthing Faith is co-ordinated by a small Planning Group who are responsible for coordinating the network gatherings and website, as well as coordinating strategic planning and advice around the environment for the Diocese of Oxford.

The core group may also draw from expertise and experience of the wider network to provide advice and policy development for the diocese.

If you would like to contact the Planning Group or volunteer as a possible member please get in touch.

Who can join?

The network is open to anyone, but is aimed at individuals and churches in the Diocese of Oxford, which covers the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Involvement is not restricted to people from within the diocese area, but events and the focus will tend to be on those areas.

Why Earthing Faith?

It is with a sense of wonder that we look at life on planet earth. It is a miracle and a gift – and yet human activities are having a huge impact, changing the preconditions of life and welfare for most creatures and habitats on the planet. The situation is critical and requires both a practical response, as well as a deeply personal and spiritual response.

The Earthing Faith network has been created to help us explore how we can respond to environmental issues both practically and spiritually. From how we change a light bulb and fit solar panels to our churches; to how we recognise the spiritual heart that lies beneath the environmental issues confronting us today...

Whilst the Earthing Faith network and website is hosted by the Diocese of Oxford, the views expressed on the site are not necessarily those of the Diocese of Oxford.

For further information on the environment and the Diocese of Oxford visit